As our world is flooded with a storm of scary information, difficult to take it in all its width, I decided it is time to make a newsletter with my loving offerings for a better world. I have lately run some courses on Zoom, a digital platform that proved easy to use for most my clients and students. This gives us the opportunity to connect as a group and mirror each other, which is a healing in itself.

As Spring lays out her bloom, we see that we can only truly blossom together. My wish was that solidarity and compassion would awaken once we woke up to the fact that we are too vulnerable on our own. And, yes, people start talking in the forests, on their beach walks (even with some good two meters distance). And we start longing for hugs and gatherings, appreciating what we once took for granted… So let’s gather!

Zoom Healings, Expressive Landscape Painting & Youtube

Now on Wednesday 29th I will give a guided healing on Zoom around how to connect with the power and knowledge from your inner matriarch. I will continue during May, every Wednesday evening at 19-20 Swedish time. Email me here if you are interested in partaking in this sound journey into your soul’s chambers.

Planned in August as a two weekend workshops is the painting class Expressive Landscape. Read more here:

Free meditations on my new Youtube channel here. Please sign up on the channel for more!

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Welcome to my loving landscape,

PS. As I was looking out of my glass door into the garden just after publishing this, a giant heart formed in the clouds and drifted towards me. The heart grew and grew and finally, just above my house, it dissolved. I take it as a sign that we are all one in this Cosmic Heart, encompassing us all.

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