Aran Islands

Acrylic on canvas 2021
40×100 cm
10 000 SEK

Point of No Return

Acrylic on canvas 2019
40×100 cm
10 000 SEK

I felt the surge of water from underneath as I was in the rubber raft, drawn alongside the shore by my colleagues. We were heading towards the huge waterfall Tännforsen in the county of Jämtland up north in Sweden. This was in 1985 and I was the first female river rafting guide in Sweden.

There is another aspect to this painting as well, and it has to do with dharma. Our life mission. What happens when we finally put our toes into our Dharma River and get swept off our feet into the white waters. When doubt has subsided and fear is gone. And our life force is fully focused on service. Then a thousand doors will open. The current will take us and we won’t be able to stop the movement forward.


Acrylic on canvas 2016
40×40 cm
4 000 SEK

Inside your core there is gold. Gold as the wisdom we acquire through our life walk. Enter the door, into your treasure chest. When you leave your Earth Walk, this is what you will bring with you.

Winter Scene

Acrylic on canvas 2016
40×100 cm
6 000 SEK

I painted this one after I dream I had. In the dream a man painted wide paintings like this in indigo with a greenish brown wash over. I thought in the dream that they were very masculine paintings. When I woke up I realized that it was my paintings, a more masculine side of me longing for contrast. When I started to paint them, they were more beautiful indigo/white than with the darker form with the greenish wash on top. My youngest son looked at this one and said: ”Did you see that you painted a black panther jumping behind the trees?”. No I didn´t.

The Storm

Acrylic on panneau, white frame, 2016
80×60 cm cm


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