Throughout life I have pursued a spiritual and artistic path. The inner worlds were vivid for me as a child, dreaming lucid dreams, seeing the nature spirits and my higher guides around me and I painted them from early on. I studied Art and Science of Religions as a young woman thinking that, had I been living in another culture, I would have been a shaman, a yogi. Maybe the dimensions melt together in the One Heart of all that is. 

My mission is to create a bridge between hearts, in all dimensions, on my earthwalk. Healing the separation through my own heart, reflecting through Art, Healing, Ceremony and Sacred Journeys, the illusion of separateness with Oneness disolves. We come home to Oneness through forgiveness of Self. When love flows forth – undivided, unchained – we come home to our hearts and create Paradise on Earth. It ripples out like circles on the water.

I have been fortunate to study with wonderful teachers, both within Art and Spirituality, and in a wide span of dimensions, feeling especially connected with the Indian, Christian, Egyptian and Celtic traditions.  

Kaj Engström, painter and sculptor from Fårö, Gotland. Living in Älmhult. My first art teacher in sculpting and painting. Still active.

Hasse Hasselgren, painter and graphic artist from Malmö, mentor in fine arts throughout the years from 1987. My second father and main art mentor. Thank you for your bursting inspiration and knowledge. If you entered an almost empty room, you always left with a newly made picture. 20 years since you left the earthplane. In remembrance of you. Deep bow.

Hannes Maas, former trainer of Dutch National Team in karate in Netherlands and my teacher in Tai Chi and Qi Gong in the late 80′ s and early 90′ s, opened up my awareness around the healing energies. 

Marianne Parlov, Copenhagen, Denmark, my dear teacher in Integrated Reiki Healing 2002 and onwards. I hold a diploma as an Integrated Reiki Master. 

Ralph Jenkins, spiritual healer from Wales, taught me spiritual healing and working through the dream states which facilitated my most expansive mystical experience ever. He also learned me how to connect with the knowledge hidden at sacred sites.

Anthony Thorley, author and druid, Bath, UK. This remarkable man, my brother ’The Living Encyclopaedia’, has opened my eyes for the connection between the stars and the earth. Former professor of Bath University in archeoastrology, this lovely man is today making tibetan bowls as a true master. 

Liselotte Molander, Sweden and Switzerland, my skilled and intuitive teacher in Theta Healing and master mind coach around ’How to build a prosperous business’. 

Lin David Martin, Arizona, US, currently living in Bergen, a long-term, very close friend and exceptional trance channeler.

All my guides from the other dimensions.

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With love, always.