With silent awareness, all is transformed. I help you see your patterns and blockages through various techniques and help you forgive yourself and others. Healing happens when forgiveness is there and the separation from The Divine ceases. We are all born with the innate capacity of Self Healing. Once Forgiveness of Self happens and guilt is gone, we enter our Vortex and life force is summoned. Miracles are possible when you believe in them.

Private session

A full integrated healing session takes around 1,5 hrs. It often includes:
Energy transmission to raise the frequency
Transforming blueprints and conditioning from childhood and genealogy lines (family patterns & wounds)
Channelling of loved ones, guides and angels in order to clarify your life path and healing wounds and trauma.
Energy cleansing
Karmic healing: past/parallel lives and patterns transformed into acceptance and forgiveness
Intuitive counselling around future paths

PRICE: One to one session videocall 1 500 SEK 1, 5 hrs. (Swedish moms tax not included for companies). Swish, PayPal or invoice.
Distance healing with written message in email: 1 200 SEK, 1 hour. (Swedish moms tax not included for companies). Swish, PayPal or invoice.
PLACE: Via phone or Messenger

After a session you will feel renewed and peaceful. This is good when you are stuck in a lower level, irritated, moody, empty, exhausted or longing for more light and happiness. Helps you to level up to a higher frequency.

For a deep transformation, 3 healing sessions with 3 weeks interval is normally required.

Give yourself 10 minutes to calm down afterwards and write down what you experienced. Drink a lot of water the next 3 days to get the full benefit of the session.

”Thank you for all your concern and love. I see you as my Mother Earth. Safety and warmth.”
Marie Bertilsson, Lomma