There is a unified field in our Universe, holding it all together. The cetaceans; whales, orcas and dolphins, sing their songs deep in the oceans. Like their songs, spreading all over the planet, this field connects us all. The quantum physic researchers have found it, dreamers, painters, mystics, dancers, writers and poets – we are all using it in order to draw wisdom, inspiration and energy from it. This unified field is like the hard drive on a computer, holding it all together so that information and energy can flow through us, connect us, inspire us…

To access the unified field, this ”point of genius”, you just need to keep your life simple enough to be able to listen and feel into this stream of energy. When your brain reaches the slow theta brainwave state of 4-7 cycles per second, we immediately merge with this field of flow, beyond time/space reality.

Sit in meditation for ten minutes, listening to your breath, focusing on the top of your head. Stop thinking of solutions for daily problems, let go. Just breathe… Feel the peace spreading, maybe a tingling sensation just above your head. By time, when you recognize its energy, you will have access more easily, just by focusing on your wish to merge with it. Energy follows thought. From here, wisdom will reach you. Solutions will flow. Peace will pervade your daily life and you might find that your daily chores will be more aligned with the amount of time you have set aside to do them. This because you will go beyond time as a concept and into a flow state, governed by the right hemisphere of your brain.

The field is there, always accessible for us. It’s our birthright. Babies and small children float inside this field throughout their day. For them, play is reality. This awake dreamstate is where we consciously or subconsciously create our reality outside us, our matrix.

An easy path to reach the all encompassing energy field is by meditating, walking slowly in nature, resting in an authentic and loving meeting heart to heart, exploring creative paths or just sitting still without doing anything in particular. So easy, and yet so hard for us wi-fied humans…

Photo by Ilse Orsel on Unsplash


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