As an expression of the Communion with Nature, my art pieces are born. Many times from dreams and meditations. Through the dreaming process and deep meditation our brains, now in the very slow theta wave, have access to a conscious field of energy that encompass everything in our universe. From here we connect, often subconsciously, to known and unknown realms.

We have treated Nature as we have treated the feminine in this world the last three hundred centuries. Now we have reached a dead end and it’s very close to the point of no return.

Shaman and author Alberto Villoldo wrote:
’When the first chakra is disconnected from the feminine Earth, we can feel orphaned and motherless. The masculine principle predominates, and we look for security from material things.  Individuality prevails over relationship, and selfish drives triumph over family, social and global responsibility. The more separated we become from the Earth, the more hostile we become to the feminine.  We disown our passion, our creativity, and our sexuality. Eventually the Earth itself becomes a baneful place. I remember being told by a medicine woman in the Amazon, ”Do you know why they are really cutting down the rain forest? Because it is wet and dark and tangled and feminine.’

My paintings are meant to be portraits of spiritual streams of consciousness, letting the viewer into the enchanted landscape where we commune with the feminine, Nature, our deep core of being.

Yak Mother 2019, acrylic on canvas 65×81 cm. Private collection


Sometimes people access a stream of higher energy through watching the paintings or meditating on them, especially the mountains. A mountain is a living entity with a soul that can communicate through the representation of it. It is a big, grounded and slow energy that roots us deeply into our mother. A rooted person doesn’t destroy his or her environment and doesn’t hurt others. A rooted person knows peace. And will spread it.

Part of my work is weaving the dream for others to step into. To remember who we are and where we came from. What peace feels like. And our souls’ missions here on Earth.

When selling original paintings, I reserve the right to make reproductions in various formats and price ranges.

Mount Kailash 2013, acrylic on canvas, 100×150 cm. Private collection