Warmly welcome to my autumn courses starting first week in September. This Autumn, I have built modules you can choose from and get a more customized education if you like to dive deeper into fine arts.

Start with Grundkursen, the basic class. Continue after the autumn holidays in the beginning of November with Expressiva Landskap, Expressive Landscape Painting, or Figurmåleri, Figure Painting.

If you like to just take one class, it’s fine. You can also take the class in Intuitive painting & Meditation simultaneously as Grundkursen, thursdays each second week.

For you who has painted a bit more, choose Fortsättning (Advanced Class) or Fördjupning (Advanced Class II). You can combine with Expressiva Landskap, Figurmåleri or Intuitive Painting & Meditation if you want to deepen your practice.

Further information under Art Courses in the menu above. Information will be in Swedish since I teach all classes in Swedish. If you need more information mail me or contact Folkuniversitetet at

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