Half the size but an exact copy of the labyrinth in the Chartres Cathedral, this Labyrinth was created in 2011 on an octagonal canvas. To walk it is an adventure, a pilgrimage into your heart. The long dwindling paths and sharp turns, throw your awareness between the right and the left brain hemispheres, creating new momentum. You can pose a question or put an intention before entering the Mystery of the Labyrinth. Questions are mostly answered and intentions are manifesting through the Law of Manifestatio

A labyrinth walk is a true adventure. A transforming pilgrimage with a heart healing session in the middle to heart opening music. The labyrinth can be walked by 15-20 people at the same time. If a bigger group, half group can sit outside and keep space while the others are walking and go inside in turns.

A labyrinth walk is a beautiful ceremony for Weddings, Divorce rituals or other transitions, Spring Equinoxes, Full Moon Celebrations, Summer- or Winter Solstices.

If you are interested to host a labyrinth walk with me, please get in contact by mail. You will need a space 8×8 meters or more since the canvas is that large in diameter.

PRICE: From 2 500 SEK for 2 hours depending on the size of the group. Driving not included in this price. Will be added.