A Pilgrimage into your Heart

Half the size but an exact copy of the labyrinth in the Chartres Cathedral, this Labyrinth was created in 2011 on an octagonal canvas. To walk it is an adventure, a pilgrimage into your heart. The long dwindling paths and sharp turns, throw your awareness between the right and the left brain hemispheres, creating new momentum. You can pose a question or put an intention before entering the Mystery of the Labyrinth. Questions are mostly answered and intentions are manifesting through the Law of Manifestatio

A labyrinth walk is a true adventure. A transforming pilgrimage with a heart healing session in the middle to heart opening music. The labyrinth can be walked by 15-20 people at the same time. If a bigger group, half group can sit outside and keep space while the others are walking and go inside in turns.

A labyrinth walk is a beautiful ceremony for Weddings, Divorce rituals or other transitions, Spring Equinoxes, Full Moon Celebrations, Summer- or Winter Solstices.

Interested in walking? Contact me for more information at

Host a Labyrinth Walk

Contact: If you are interested to host a labyrinth walk with me, please get in contact by mail. You will need a space 8×8 meters or more since the canvas is that large in diameter.
Price: From 5 500 SEK for 2 hours depending on the size of the group. Driving not included in this price. Will be added.