To have a sacred experience is a deep feeling of connection with something bigger than ourselves. The living unified field, God, Goddess, Spirit. When time/space continuum cease and the inner monologue quietens. A deep feeling of flow. This is what a sacred experience brings us; a presence of our full selves without facades, in communion with the all enhancing field.

An inner conversation with a standing stone. A moment of total stillness on a mountain when you encounter total silence for the first time. An unexpected meeting with an animal on your path, looking into its eyes. Deep ritual in a meeting with a culture you never met before. Immersing yourself in chanting together with others in an ancient temple. Melting together with a painting or sculpture when creating it. A deep conversation with a loved one, where you realise you are but mirrors to reflect each others in order to grow. Or a fast gallop over green hills where you become one with the horse.

Memories of past or parallel lives that connect you to your deeper sense of your life mission and life path. Releasing pain and stepping into power on an instance at a sacred site.

We all long for these moments. Maybe they are the driving force for us to stay alive here on the earth plane. For me it is. And I want to share it. The Sacred Journeys are my offering to you. Come fill your cup with authentic sacred experiences on my journey to Egypt 2021.

Eagle Hunter 2015. Painting by Maria Collinder
You will find it in portfolio Monochromes on this webpage

The sacred aspect of the journey

Naturally we are drawn to sacred lands since they enhance our deeper experiences of purpose. Standing stones, mountains, longbarrows, old ruins, churches, chapels, stupas and holy wells. Deep in our memory they are treasured and we know how to connect once there. A sacred journey is also a journey of remembrance, of the ones we were and of the wisdom we had, our lineages. Like a holographic family tree, our past or parallel lives emerge, giving us knowledge and certainty of our life path and mission…

All over the planet there are powerful places where the energy lines or ley lines interconnect. On these powerspots, the veil is thin and it’s easy to connect with higher frequencies and past/parallel lives. Throughout the ages we humans have sought out these places in order to get a flow of information or connect telepathically with other people all over the planet doing the same.

When travelling the sacred lands, old memories and lives are surfacing. Pain and sadness are released and we can draw the lessons and strength from them. Then we become free to create what we are here for.

The Stone Ship Ängakåsen in Kivik, Sweden below the rainbow portal. Photo by Maria Collinder 2019
Me at the bronze age stone ship Ängakåsen, Kivik, Sweden
Malin, my dear friend at Karaby Högar, Skåne, Sweden. Photo by Maria Collinder 2018
Bronze age Rock Carving Yxhällen in Simrishamn, Sweden. Photo by Maria Collinder 2019
Bronze age Rock Carving Yxhällen in Simrishamn, Sweden. Photo by Maria Collinder 2019