Transformational hypnosis is a rapid transformational technique that will liberate you from childhood conditioning. Many times we experience things as children and misinterpret the situation with our magical thinking as children do. But the problem is that these situations keep us hostages til we free ourselves from their grip.

Transformational hypnosis has proven to be a very efficient way to discover what has kept you back from abundance, trust and love in your life.

Journey with me back in time to your childhood to see three of your strongest formative memories around an issue. We the let you take your power back. I guide you on a bench into a hypnotic state. From there I take you deeper so you can experience what has held you in a state of lack. You will be able to take the power back and see how your memories has formed your present state. This will set you free.

Private session

A transformational hypnosis session takes around 75 minutes. The session consists of a 30 minutes mapping of the problem you suffer from, a 30 minute guided hypnosis where we free you from the memories and a sharing afterwards. The themes could be fear, trust, blockings from love and abundance (money or otherwise) among other things.

BOOKING: or sms 070-000 97 64
PRICE: 1 300 SEK (Swedish moms tax not included for companies). Swish, cash or invoice.
PLACE: Svalvägen 19, Skanör. Note! No elevator, second floor.

After a session many things can fall into place and you might recognise new, positive patterns of behaviour forming in your life. Transformational hypnosis helps you in an efficient way to level up to a higher frequency.
For a deep transformation, 3 sessions is recommended.

Give yourself 10 minutes to calm down after driving or getting here and preferably an hour or more to integrate your experience for best results.

Group session

If you are interested to do this as a group consisting of maximum 5 people, contact me. 1,5 hours with a tea break and sharing afterwards.

PRICE: 3 000 SEK

Photo credit, top photo: Arn Girii, Unsplash