A journey into your heart

Let us journey together on a 10 day adventure in Egypt 8th of January to 17th of January 2021. This is a remembrance journey for you who want to delve deeper into the mysteries of ancient Egypt, a mirror of your soul. Initiations in sacred temples; meditating, chanting and depicting our journey throughout colourful Upper Egypt. Bring your crayons, paint and brushes and join me on an unforgettable inner and outer journey where anything can happen...

Welcome to your deeply buried past and colourful vibrant present! This is a journey in time and space, where we walk the ancient land of the pharaohs of old. We connect with The Neters, the egyptian pantheon, within the chambers deep in the ground in the Valley of Kings and Queens, and the temples along the Nile. The temples are dedicated to these entities and you can feel their presence as a living energy as soon as you climb off the plane. The goddesses Isis, Hathor and Sekhmet, the bluefaced Osiris, the god of death, and Anubis, the guardian of the realm of the dead. This journey is about death and rebirth, leaving behind the unwanted parts of yourself and return a better version.

We travel Mother Nile on a traditional river boat, a dahabiya, opening up to the depth of our hearts. This is a once in a lifetime experience, where you will meet the hospitality and kindness of the Egyptian soul as well as your own soul’s hidden spiritual treasures. Be prepared for a transformational time.

I will guide you to pick up the flow of the subconscious to write, draw and paint symbols and memories as well as the landscape we travel through. You don’t need a lot of painting experience to be able to join. We are working with the intuitive flow, symbols and colours as well as depicting temples and landscapes. You will leave Egypt with a deeper understanding of who you are and your mission in life, and an illustrated process book to keep the flame burning within.

Egypt is a carrier of ancient wisdom still active today. She holds an outstanding number of temples, sacred sites and royal tombs. You will reconnect with power places where the initiates of the temples once dived deep into the mysteries. Our trip includes a three day stay in Luxor, visiting and connecting with the awe-inspiring temples in the largest temple area in the world, Karnak and its forest of pillars… We also explore the Valley of the Kings and Hatshepsut’s temple with its spiritual treasures, followed by an unforgettable trip on the Nile.

We travel the great river on a dahabeya, a barge slowly passing the egyptian landscape where we live, eat, do yoga, dance and paint. Passing many sacred temples where we will meditate and collect pieces of our soul puzzle on our way up to Assuan in welcoming Nubia. Our trip will peak in the magnificent temple of Abu Simbel and the beautiful Isis temple in Assuan, where many of us surely will feel the lineage back in time.


28 500 SEK with some reservations for changes in currency. Breakfast at the hotel, all meals on the dahabeya, entrance fees and transports to sites included. Price not including flights and alcoholic beverages.

How to get there:

Easiest way is to fly to Cairo and then take domestic flight to Luxor. Cheapest way is to fly to Hurghada and get bus transfer to Luxor, a 4 hour ride through the desert.

We fly back from Assuan to Hurghada or Cairo and then back home, or if you want to continue travelling on your own. There will be suggested flights by me to book. These are not included in the price.

Preliminary Itinery:

9 nights:
Luxor 2 nights at Thebes Hotel, private dahabeya on the Nile 5 nights, Aswan 2 nights 

In Luxor:
Luxor Temple, Hatshepsut Temple, Valley of the Kings and Nefertari Tomb in Valley of the Queens, Medinet Habu, Dendera, Karnak temple complex including Mut Precinct

Dahabeya Sailing 5 nights:
Visiting temples of Esna, El Kab, Edfu, Kom Ombo

In Aswan:
Abu Simbel, Isis temple of Philae

Day 1: Arrival via Cairo or Hurghada, transfer to Hotel in Luxor – please plan arrival early enough to visit Luxor Temple in evening, welcome Dinner, night in Luxor 

Day 2: Hatshepsut, Valley of the Kings, lunch in Habu Medinet. Habu temple afternoon, evening free, night in Luxor

Day 3: Karnak Temple & Mut Temple, board the private dahabeya, dinner & night on the Nile

Day 4: Sailing on Nile, Esna, dinner on dahabeya

Day 5: Sailing on Nile, El Kab, dinner on dahabeya

Day 6: Sailing on Nile, Kom Ombo, dinner on dahabeya

Day 7: Sailing on Nile, Edfu, dinner on dahabeya

Day 8 : Early departure to Abu Simbel, transfer to Nubia Village resort/Aswan, dinner in Nubian Village

Day 9 : Visiting Philae Island in the Nile with Isis temple, farewell dinner in Assuan

Day 10 : Early departure to home destinations

If you feel drawn to join me on this journey, please contact me about more details here:

I welcome you to the home of my heart

Gallery of pictures from our trip:

Maria and Hathor at the Mut Temple, Luxor
Mahmoud, keybearer and head of the Guards at Karnak Temple
Healing in the Sekhmet Temple
Valley of Queens, Nefertari’s tomb
In Nefertari’s newly renovated tomb
Luxor, early morning overlooking mountain Meretseger, She who loves Silence
Photo by Kavya N.M on Unsplash
Fruit is always sunripe and food is tasty in Egypt
From the dahabeya, we see the landscape pass by. There are many opportunities to paint or draw on our trip.
We will travel on a dahabeya like this or similar to this
From the Nile shore on our way to Aassuan in Nubia. We will travel on a dahabeya like this or similar to this
Edfu Temple on the way to Assuan. Photo by Samer Khodeir on Unsplash
Lounge on deck. We will travel on a dahabeya like this or similar to this
Abu Simbel, Assuan. Photo by Ali Hegazy on Unsplash
Abu Simbel, Assuan. Photo by Ali Hegazy on Unsplash
Nubian village. Photo by Ali Hegazy on Unsplash
Nubian village. Photo by Ali Hegazy on Unsplash
Photo by Rosaaria Janza on Unsplash
Assuan Dam. Photo by Hamed Taha on Unsplash
Postcard with Kioske of Philae, Assuan
Isis temple, Philae, Assuan. Image by Albert Dezetter from Pixabay
Nubian Guesthouse. Photo by Ali Hegazy on Unsplash
Nubian Village, Assuan. Photo by Ali Hegazy on Unsplash
Photo by Mariam Soliman on Unsplash

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