Queen Maeve’s Mountain

Diptyche, acrylic on canvas 2019
80×80 cm each
Price 20 000 SEK

In Sligo, Ireland May 2018 I found myself literally climbing into my dream. In 1986 I dreamed that I climbed a lush, green mountain with rabbits jumping and butterflies fluttering all over the scenery. It was a female mountain. Jumping around in the blueberry bushes and heather, I realised that I should leave the man I was living with at the time who loved the ice-cold, hard Alpes and had no place for the feminine energies. And so I did.

Now I found myself standing in the middle of my dreamscape from 1986. Rabbits jumping, butterflies and bumble bees fluttering around and the ground covered in heather and blueberry bushes. This time together with my partner at that time, Zeto, a warm, loving and spiritual musician who I met at Tara Hill in Ireland. He impersonated much of that which I missed in my previous relationships. The feminine qualities were also strong in him, as the masculine.

We started to jump around in the bushes and we found more amazing signs through the scenery during our walk to the cairn at the top. He had painted a painting one year before with the exact scenery that we met when walking up the last part to the cairn, with him and me sitting in a stone circle overlooking the sea and mountains behind Maeve’s Mountain. He sent it to me same night we met at Tara. He shouted: “I see the stone circle!” and ran off in the heather. Sitting there together, we made a beautiful ceremony, recognising each other from many lives.

Queen Maeve who gave name to the mountain at Knocknarea in Sligo, was a strong celtic queen from old. I feel the kinship to her strongly. Integrated feminine and masculine energy.

Mount Kailash

Acrylic and acrylic paste on canvas 2013
100×150 cm
Private Collection


Diptyk, acrylic on MDF board 2015
270 x 1,20 cm
48 000 SEK

The Storm

Acrylic on panneau, white frame, 2017
80×60 cm cm

12 000 SEK

Great Mother River

Acrylic and acrylic paste on canvas 2013
100×150 cm
Private Collection

The Great Mother myth comes from Mexico. The energy of the World passes through four different feminine forces or matriarchs, in both men and women. Either you are a Great Mother or a Rainbow Mother.

A Great Mother, whose shadow side is Death Mother, puts the family and society or organization first. They are most afraid of death, that they themselves should wear with or the children or their loved ones. This allows them to have a fairly strong control need to keep death away. Society often prizes a Great Mother because they like the very idea of ​​a society and often participate actively in it.

A Rainbow Mother, on the other hand, whose shadow side is Crazy Woman, is often bohemian, spiritually interested, artistic or added to the research profession. Her shadow is not death, but getting crazy. When a child is born, you find out what matriarch is strongest in the child and raise it so that it can integrate its shadow and live up to its highest potential and then become La Ultima Madre.

In my spiritual work I sometimes give a meditation where you can find which matriarch you are. Then you have to swim in the right river and slide down on the bottom and there meet your worst fear to then integrate it. I realized when I read about the myth that I am a fairly typical Great Mother but have integrated my shadow side Death Mother to become La Ultima Madre.

Meditation Pool

Acrylic on canvas 2017
89×116 cm
20 000 SEK

Hovs Hallar

Acrylic on canvas 2017
60×80 cm
10 000 SEK

Evening on the Nile

Acrylic on canvas 2017
62×70 cm
12 000 SEK

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