Since I was young, I have had the gift of seeing past lives. When coming to a place, I could withdraw memories, sometimes very vivid, from the sceneries. Streets and buildings came to life from different ages. I could surprisingly find my way through the dwindling lanes in Venice, knowing shortcuts and bridges from another lifetime. With age, my gift grew and I could see other peoples’ lives too. I got names, dates of birth and times of death. My guides also provided me with the information where to look it up on the internet.

As my understanding deepened, I saw how we can use this information in order to understand our soul’s journey to enlightenment. The lessons we learn in different lives and why we decide to meet up with certain souls life after life. A Soul Journey sheds light over the obstacles and themes you need to overcome in order to open up for the light.

Sometimes, the past or parallel lives pop up during healing sessions, workshops or journeys to powerful places. This is healing the organic way. And that is the purpose of a powerplace. To release your memories in order to grow beyond your ordinary settings. My Sacred Journeys and workshops on powerful places aim to help you shed light over your blindspots and restore your inner power.

But you can also release the memories and take back you power deliberately in a Soul Journey session.

Everything arises and passes away. When you see this, you are above sorrow. This is the Shining way.
From Dhammapada, The Sayings of the Buddha

Soul Journey Sessions

How does it work? We normally go through more that one life during a session and look at what your soul’s learning is. You will be in deep relaxation/hypnosis comfortably lying on a bench. And I will strengthen your third eye so that you can experience these deeply buried memories for yourself. A Soul Journey like this often goes very deep and release buried memories and traumas from other lifetimes. It gives you a deeper understanding for your lifepath this time around, challenges and rewards. And might explain why you feel drawn to certain countries and certain people like lovers and family members.

If you feel drawn to this work, please contact me here.

Price: A session takes around 2 hours and cost 2 000 SEK.
Where? On Zoom or in my studio in Lomma at Strandvägen 111. Note! No elevator, second floor.

Top photo by McGill Library on Unsplash