If you like the free TRUST meditation, there are three guided meditations that are a little longer to buy for 49 SEK each. Email me here and I will send the file when I received your payment via Swish (Sweden) or

If you want, you can start with “Down to Mother Earth”. You will be guided deep down into Gaia, finding your peaceful root system and getting messages from her.

In the meditation “Your holy place” you get guided help to find a quiet and peaceful inner garden where you can meet your spiritual signposts, get healing and take down your own messages. It takes about half an hour.

In “The Holy Cave” I guide you to a mountain cave where you can process difficult relationships with the help of your helpers on the other side. This meditation is a little longer, it takes three quarters and helps you to forgive, get forgiveness and move on. You can also find out why the other person acts as she does and talks about how you feel. Great healing takes place.

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