I give workshops, retreats and horse clinics regularly during the year. Painting, Sacred Powerplaces in Skåne, The Intuitive Language of the Horse and Labyrinth Walks are some of the different areas. If you feel like hosting a workshop or retreat with me, mail me here:

Labyrinth Walks is a workshops that takes about 3 hours and if you want to host one please let me know. Read more under Offerings.

Sacred Powerplaces in Skåne is a one day outing with pique-nique. We explore some of the most intriguing places around Glumslöv and Asmundtorp in the county´s northeast area.
Another outing is Kivik with the Stone ship at Ängakåsen, the King´s grave and stonecarvings in Simrishamn.
Stone carvings in Simrishamn
The Intuitive Language of The Horse is a horse clinic on how to learn to communicate intuitively with your horse.

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