For 20 years, the healing modality I work through has been developing with me. It is a dynamic form of healing which includes guided hearthealing, transforming blueprints, karmic healing (past/parallel lives), chanelling of guides and loved ones, energy/chakra balancing and cleansing. I give classes in the different areas when there is a demand. You can take just one, or go through them all in order to get a full certificate as Integrated Healer.

I give 2,5 day workshops in two steps that aims to teach you the basics in Integrated Healing. These are the five areas to choose from. I recommend at least 3 sessions with me first in order to get a grasp of the modalities.

At the moment, Workshops only in Swedish.

Guided Heart Healing
The basic techniques to guided Heart Healing
Step I and II
Art of Channeling

How to establish your connection with the Divine
Step I
Energy Cleansing
Step I
Dream Work & Inner Wedding
Step I
Karmic/Past Lives Healing

Step I and II
Transforming Blueprints
Step I

Prices for Workshop I is 3 500 SEK and Workshop II, 5 000 SEK.

If you feel called to join, mail me here:

Labyrinth Walk is a workshop that takes about 3 hours and if you want to host one please let me know. Read more here:


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